2013-05-09 17:25:53 by 7darkriders

Hi guys I have encountered a problem in my Email address, someone or somehow my account is being hacked and won't let me log in. If anyone or anybody could please lend me a hand urgently I will be gladly appreciated otherwise my website and here in newgrounds won't get its latest update of my art and will forever stay outdated.

I need HELP ASAP please!

EDIT: GUYS I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK and IM SUPPA HAPPY :D now i dont have to worry anymore and im stress free

A big thank you to all you guys and fans who help me :) im very appreciated now il keep producing more artwork in my website



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2013-05-09 17:37:14

Contact email support. There's nothing else you can do, unless you have a backup email, phone verification, two-step security, etc, but you'd probably have tried that already. First step though: get a new email, use a strong pass, and change your email on all sites that allow you to without verifying it through email (like NG). If you use the same pass on other sites, change it quickly.

7darkriders responds:

I cant abandon my Email account man :( it has my facebook, college, bank account, steam account and everything else. there very very important.

Its too late for me to do back up email so my only option is to contact Yahoo HQ tomorow.

il do it first thing in morning its my only chance.


2013-05-09 19:13:02

Did you try deleting System 32?

7darkriders responds:

whats system 32


2013-05-09 19:50:42

Don't delete System 32, it's very important, and about the e-mail, just contact e-mail support, i'm sure you'll resolve it with their help :)

7darkriders responds:

mind if you please tell me what is System 32?

yeah Im contacting them by phone that way they can recognise me that im the real owner of my account. its my only best option


2013-05-10 02:32:07

First thing tomorrow?! Man, if your email really is important, you shouldn't wait with stuff like this. I'm guessing there's login info, financial info etc on the account? If the hacker's not an unnaturally kind individual they won't waste time using anything they get access to. Advice for the future btw, use a lot of characters, at least 20-30. They say passes are harder to crack if they use numerals and symbols, and no common words, but length is the most important thing. A long sentence (that's easy to remember) is harder to crack than a shorter, more random, sequence of letters, symbols, etc.

7darkriders responds:

well it is the "tomorow" now so il be calling the Yahoo HQ about my problems to yahoo account in the next hour since there open at that time.

and yes my account has everything that is very important to me, I just reset my password on other sites so there all good.

wish me luck


2013-05-10 03:30:15

Good luck!

7darkriders responds:

YAY I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK :D and the password is much more longer and difficult to be hacked


2013-05-10 14:35:07

Well i don't really know what system 32 does, i just know that it's really important and if you delete it your system starts doing weird things haha

7darkriders responds:

oh so i guess its one of those built-in important stuff huh. well guess what........



2013-05-10 16:49:33

Glad to hear it worked out! :D

Btw, system 32 is pretty much where the very framework of Windows is located, all the important files. Stuff like Installed programs, TEMP files, cache, user information etc are never stored within that directory, always at least a level up.

7darkriders responds:

YAH man im soo happy i changed the password long and much harder to hack.

ahh i see so its more like a memory in a way


2013-05-10 17:28:11

I guess I didn't explain that so well. :) Pretty much all memory files are stored outside system32. system32 is where the important files are, the core files of Windows, features and functions.

7darkriders responds:

ahh I see now


2013-05-10 19:00:55

Hey man congratulations for getting your account back LOL LET'S PARTY