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outstanding dude. your pixel creepy animation brought a chill down my spine. and especially the part where it glitch up and to restaurt its a nice touch to let us think its a game.

might i ask you what software you use? and those pixel did u made n animate them all by yourself?

waiting for part 3 hoping it makes a little more sense

Clockworkpixel responds:

I use flash to animate it but i create the pixel art in a piece of software called graphics gale that's free to try out i highly recommend it

This is inspired by meet the Pyro- trailer

btw i notice in the end there are some characters, are you gonna do any of those?

RoidDroid responds:

I hadn't originally planned to. They were just there to make it more like Meet the Pyro. Can't say I will, but it's possible.

Awesome video man but im still not buying PS4 due to the fact that it can't play any older console like PS3 or PS2 or PS1 CD. which is a bummer

btw what did he say at the dinosaur part? I couldn't hear it because of the "Boom" noise overtaking the voice

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what music is that called?

excelent gameplay but whats the name of the song that plays on the first level? i just love its traditional chinese music

if you could please make it as an audio i would be sooooooo DAMN happy to download n listen it to my MP3

10/10 5/5

best zombie game i ever played

controls are good, gameplay is amazing and music is epic what is the name of the music you choose it sounds familiar like "two steps from hell" but i would love to know what is the name of the song u choose

good job sir 5/5 10/10

best ninja game

the title made me jump however its the best ninja game i ever played 5/5 10/10 amazing work dude :)

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awesome tune dude my favourite part of it was from 0:00 to 0:40 and im starting to dig in there, but the rest of it doesnt seem to fit togheter it sounds a little getting slow and slower i was expecting for a longer fast beat (hope you know what i mean), i dont know if its me but i think its great dude 4/5

undertoon responds:


sounds really good buddy lovin the funk. At start after 00:30 or 40 i was thinking maybe a heavy rock will come next but then again its pop but i still like it :P im givin it 4/5

i just think u need to increase the bass on ur music, without the bass its just painfull to hear when on headphones hope u get what i mean. lovin the funk man :)

JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

We were GOING to make a pop-into-rock transition, but it sounded so good as pop, we broke the rules and let the pop stay. Thanks for the review!

awesome song buddy 5/5 im just wondering is this song from final fantasy im not quite sure but i definetly how u turn into a kick ass rocking music :D

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Could some one explain i don't get it?

Ever consider this making it a T-shirt design, most of your artwork seems applicable to T-shirts. Asides from that.....

Thats BRUTAL artwork! \m/

-Alex Trinidad

he did NAZI that comin

-Alex Trinidad

OH HAI im Alex I do drawings. Yep. If you would like a Commission just PM me I draw ANYTHING

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