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You can buy my T-shirt n wallpaper

2015-12-30 12:33:26 by 7darkriders

Hey guys I made a little shop so you can buy my artworks. Browse around and have a look.




I been seeing patreon literaly everywhere over the interenet and its starting to get overated like kickstarter, animators and artist I know especially poorly terrible artist has one aswell. I wouldn't mind having some donation at least it could help pay the rent and my medical condition but I mean I'm drawing free artwork for all you guys too see and it takes effort while some other folks out there would charge you too see their stuff. 

Which led me to a conclusion. Do I deserve to have patreon or shall I just skip it?

Please be nice

-Alex Trinidad

Commission Price

2015-05-14 21:24:23 by 7darkriders


I was busy doing this which took me a whole month building and glueing each pixel togheter. Thankfully its finish now i just need to hang this up and start doing some digital drawing for y'all guys3305684_141659569263_nyancat.jpg


Facebook Page

2014-09-03 16:55:44 by 7darkriders


I made a Facebook page :D go and LIKE it


Today is my B-Day

2014-08-15 06:56:03 by 7darkriders


a quickie comic for the lelz

2014-06-03 19:05:05 by 7darkriders


yessz i have gaming addiction :'(

Im now LIVE watch me draw

2014-05-13 19:32:02 by 7darkriders


click to watch me drawing now




Another shirt I got today and for you to buy folks, Life N Death shirt design is available (in case you don't know) in my store and site. BUY NOW!! and show your support.

BUY HERE: www.alextrinidad.spreadshirt.co.uk
Website: www.alextrinidadart.com